Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Wonderful Effects of Green Tea!

Hey!!! J'Wana here, coming at you with some info on GREEN TEA!

For the past week or so, I have been sick:( Never Fun and Never Wanted.
Sore throat, chills, body aches, just everything. I am such a big baby when I am sick. I didn't want to eat or drink. It hurt too much. But I remembered whenever I would get sick, people would always suggest tea with lemon and honey. It would at least help with my sore throat, right? So I drag myself into my kitchen and whip out some green tea, with honey and lemon.   
I did start feeling better, thank goodness! But this got me thinking.....Green Tea is freakin AMAZING! Its so good for you and has a LOT of benefits! If you don't drink green tea, you should!!!

Benefits of Green Tea:
  1. Its full of antioxidants, which are known for their anti-aging properties among other things.
  2. Green tea can prevent and treat cancer!
  3. Stress Relieverrrrr!!!! Enough said there! Lol!
  4. Improves heart health and lowers high blood pressure.
  5. Green tea is anti-diabetic so it helps regulate blood sugar.
  6. It boosts immunity and fights off the cold and other viruses. It contains antigens that builds up your immune system.
  7. Green tea is also a FAT BURNER! and it also allows you to exercise longer by reducing carbohydrate utilization, or how the carbohydrates are being used.
And those are just some of the benefits!  Like I said earlier, if you don't drink green tea, you definitely should start!!

What's you favorite kind of tea? What type of At-Home remedies do you like to use when you are sick?

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