Monday, March 25, 2013

Staying on Track While on Vacation

Hey everyone! Rachel here! I'm a little behind schedule because I've been on vacation! The last 5 days were spent with my family in Disney World, thanks to Beachbody!  That's one of the benefits of being a Beachbody coach, by the way. Beachbody gives coaches an opportunity to win amazing trips!  Anyway, staying on track while being in Disney was very challenging but I managed and I wanted to share with you all how I pulled it off!

Beachbody was awesome and flew out Shaun T from Insanity and Leandro from Brazil Butt Lift to work us all out first thing in the morning but because I am currently training for the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon, I had to pass on those workouts and instead, had to fit in runs.  Because I knew that the entire day each day was going to be dedicated to being with my family and walking the different parks, I set my alarm each day for 6:00 am so that way my workouts would be done and over with and I would have the whole day to spend with my family.  It was incredibly difficult, especially since there is a three hour time difference between Florida and Seattle.  So when my phone went off at 6:00 am telling me it was time to get off, I had to have that debate in my head for fifteen minutes.

"How will I feel if I don't get my run in?"
"How will I feel at the end of the week if I don't hit my mileage goal?"
"How will I be able to make up for the lost mileage?"

Those questions got me out of bed because I knew that if I didn't hit my goal, I'd feel disappointed, frustrated, ashamed, guilty, etc.  A whole lot of negative emotions that can trigger binge eating. No thanks!

The scenery definitely made getting a run in more palatable and I was able to feel good about myself the rest of the day.

In between run days, I lift weights because it gives my legs a break.  Since I wasn't able to pack my P90X DVD's or a weight set and I wasn't sure what options the hotel fitness room would provide, I packed a resistance band and the door attachment so I could fit in a full body resistance workout in the hotel room.  I wrote myself a list of exercises from P90X and ChaLean Extreme that I could do with just body weight or with the resistance band and I managed to get myself quite a calorie burn!

The rest of each day was spent walking at least six miles around each park.  I did what I could to make the healthiest meal choices possible but it's difficult since it's hard to know if what I was eating included true serving sizes or more and how much of each ingredient went into each meal... Plus I was on vacation so I wanted to be able to live a little and enjoy!  Making time to fit in a workout each morning gave me peace of mind so I could relax and enjoy myself a little bit food wise.  All I ended up gaining was some water weight from the extra sodium.  Restaurants pack a lot of salt into their food!

If you're traveling, make sure you pack some extra snacks with you. Protein bars, Lara Bars, almond packs, things like that are great quick bites for when you're feeling a little hungry between meals.  Investing in something like a pack of resistance bands can also be really helpful because you never know what your options will be in a hotel or if there will be enough machines available at the time you try to get a workout in.  And getting up early so that way you have the rest of your day to enjoy also makes a difference! I know, I know, on vacation you want to sleep in but life is short! Sometimes, making a few small sacrifices can be all you need to enjoy yourself while also maintaining a healthy body image!

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