Monday, March 4, 2013

Making the Time to Work Out, Even on your Busiest Days

HELLO THERE!!! My name is J'Wana, here to talk to you today about making time to work out and get healthier, even on your busiest days! 

We all live such hectic, chaotic lives and yet some of us struggle with finding the time for ourselves to work out. Work. School. Kids. Keeping up with the house. It never seems like there is enough time in the day. Then we ask ourselves how anyone else has the time? Well they make the time. I am a single mother that also works full time. Its not always easy, but I know that making excuses isn't going to change anything in my life. So I found a few ways to make sure I get my exercise in each day!

  1. Believe it or not, scheduling your workout will help out a lot-- If you go ahead and schedule your workouts for the week in your to-do lists and schedules, you will have already set that time aside for it each day and you will be less likely to skip it.
  2. Get your workout in before your brain can stop you!-- if you are anything like me, and aren't a morning person, this one can be a bit tough. Set your alarm earlier, and set it across the room. That way when that alarm buzzes, you HAVE TO get up and turn it off.  There. The hardest part of it all- the actual getting up- is over. Either already have your workout clothes ready, or you could even sleep in them lol.  Do you know how great it feels to already be done with your workout before most are even out of the bed?! No one is up to distract or interrupt you. It feels AWESOME! And you have also boosted your mood for the day! 
  3. Exercise as part of your nighttime routine-- If the morning workout is out of the question for you, then try it before bed. I know I tend to sleep better when I work out at night. I don't know if its just where I am able to clear my mind, or work out that extra stress but it still feels good. Everyone is in bed, once again, no distractions or interruptions. Try some Yoga.
  4. Nap Time/Lunch Time = Great Opportunity to workout-- If you have enough time during your lunch break like myself, or while the kids are napping, get your workout in at that time. Perfect way to de-stress midday! 
  5. Get the kids involved!- If you have kids, take them outside and go for a walk or a bike ride. If weather doesn't permit that, you can always have fun inside with Wii Fit and all the cool dancing games, have a friendly family competition and see who can hold a plank the longest,  a workout DVD for kids. As long as you are having fun and being active, that's all that matters. My little one loves to do planks and squats with me and she LOVES TURBO JAM!!

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