Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Everyone is hungry for results.  It's what gets us motivated to start working out in the first place.  We want to see our appearance change.  That's our number one motivator.  And it does work but...

If you're new to exercise or have a lot of weight to lose, you may not see your appearance change immediately.  It takes about 60 days of dedication before you'll be able to see a change in your appearance and weighing yourself every day or every week and constantly staring in the mirror searching for results isn't going to help.  You're not going to see them.  

Many of us have an addiction to the scale.  The only way we know how to tell if we're doing the right thing - if we're LOSING weight - is to weigh ourselves.  Unfortunately, when you're exercising regularly, the scale stops being a reliable tool.  As you workout, you not only burn fat but you build muscle.  So while you're losing the weight of the fat you burned, you're gaining the weight of the muscle.  As you recover, your muscles retain water.  So the dropping number you like to see as a source of motivation?  The scale isn't going to give it to you.  So keep it tucked away and stay off of it.

This is what I want you to focus on to stay motivated, to keep pushing play everyday.  There are some results that we get immediately after exercising and they really do enrich our daily life.

  1. You reduce stress/anxiety.
  2. Your self-esteem lifts.  You feel happier.
  3. You get the post-workout high and get a lot done!
  4. You feel proud of yourself for doing it.
  5. (My favorite) You can compare how you did last time to today and see how you're getting stronger which is awesome!


  1. Great Post! Awesome motivation, thanks! Here's to taking EACH day and pushing yourself!!

  2. I agree, great post! I tell you, I feel better about what I am doing when I stay away from the scale. I am tired of it "defining" me. I will weigh myself when we start the challenge but I will commit not to step on it again till the challenge is over!