Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Other" Proteins

Hey everyone!  It's Erica posting today.  I wanted to talk about all the ways you can make sure you get enough protein into your diet.
When most of us think about getting protein into our day, we immediately think of things like meat, chicken, turkey, eggs, and dairy products.  But there are so many other sources of protein out there that so many of us tend to ignore.
Did you know that you can actually get all your protein without even using any of the previously mentioned sources?  And that you should actually be trying to eat more of these other foods?   Well, now you'll know!  Ha ha!
You can actually get a lot of protein from vegetables, beans, nuts and even whole grains.

Here's a few that I know:
Food                                                     Protein (g)
banana                                                         1.2
corn on the cob                                           4.2
brown rice (1 cup cooked)                        4.8
frozen peas (1 cup)                                    9.0
lentils (1 cup cooked)                              16.0
tofu (1cup)                                                 18.0
frozen broccoli (1 cup)                               5.8
spinach (1 cup cooked)                            5.4

But for a more complete chart, I found this one at:
Tempeh1 cup 41 9.3
Seitan3 ounces 3122.1
Soybeans, cooked1 cup 299.6
Lentils, cooked1 cup 187.8
Black beans, cooked1 cup 156.7
Kidney beans, cooked1 cup 136.4
Veggie burger1 patty 1313.0
Chickpeas, cooked1 cup 124.2
Veggie baked beans1 cup 125.0
Pinto beans, cooked1 cup 125.7
Black-eyed peas, cooked1 cup 116.2
Tofu, firm4 ounces 1111.7
Lima beans, cooked1 cup 105.7
Quinoa, cooked1 cup 93.5
Tofu, regular4 ounces 910.6
Bagel1 med.
(3 oz)
Peas, cooked1 cup 96.4
Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), cooked1/2 cup 88.4
Peanut butter2 Tbsp 84.3
Veggie dog1 link 813.3
Spaghetti, cooked1 cup 83.7
Almonds1/4 cup 83.7
Soy milk, commercial, plain1 cup 77.0
Soy yogurt, plain6 ounces 64.0
Bulgur, cooked1 cup 63.7
Sunflower seeds1/4 cup 63.3
Whole wheat bread2 slices 53.9
Cashews1/4 cup 52.7
Almond butter2 Tbsp 52.4
Brown rice, cooked1 cup 52.1
Spinach, cooked1 cup 513.0
Broccoli, cooked1 cup 46.8
Potato1 med.
(6 oz)
So the next time you go to the store, stock up on some of these to make sure you are getting enough protein.  It's actually good for you to get it from different sources when you can.  And you just might get the benefit of giving your metabolism a little extra boost too!

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