Sunday, August 26, 2012

90 Days to Sexy Challenge Rules

All 90 day workout programs must be Beachbody programs. If you want a challenge to work yourself up to running a half marathon, there are plenty out there but this is not one of those. I am qualified to coach Beachbody programs. I am not qualified to coach a Jillian Michaels workout or TapOut XT. Just want to start with that so we’re all on the same page.

You must have a 90 day plan – AHEAD OF TIME! Preparation is an important ingredient to reaching your goals. You may be in the middle of Phase 2 of P90X when August 27th arrives. That doesn’t mean you cannot participate, it means that when you hit the last day of Phase 3 recovery week, know what you’re going to be starting the following Monday. Have Insanity or Turbo Fire or another round of P90X ready to go.

You must have a Facebook account.  We check in through Facebook, it makes it easy and accessible to everyone. You can check in on your phone if you can’t get to a computer!
You must check in and post your accountability to the group everyday.  If you miss 2 days, you’re out of the challenge and the group.

You must make a plan to follow the nutrition guide of your program as closely as possible. That’s why these programs have nutrition plans – eating is half of what gives you the results. If you cannot afford the whole menu, pick a couple of days or just one day out of the week.   Don’t like a meal? Swap it out with a different one. Don’t like the dinners? Double the lunches. Don’t have time to cook? Prep all of your meals ahead of time on Sunday afternoon.  But please be prepared to follow the plan that comes with the program as closely as you can.

I don’t want anyone skipping recovery week. Recovery is where our bodies start to show us how we’re getting better. You skip it, you skip the chance to actually ‘see’ what’s happening to you.
“Before” pics are mandatory!!!

Every week, we will be exploring different weight loss/fitness tools to help reach our goals through weekly challenges.  One of these will be a HIIT workout. Please prepare for this ahead of time. One great HIIT option is Turbo Fire’s Greatest HIIT’s workout DVD which can be bought separately from Turbo Fire here:
You must have an account with or or have another plan for logging what you eat. Even when following a nutrition plan, it can be easy to lose track of what you put in your mouth unless you log it.

To participate in this challenge, I must be your assigned Team Beachbody coach. You may do this by signing up under my and clicking ‘join’ for a free membership. If you currently have a Team Beachbody account, you may also do this by emailing and asking them to set your coach to TurboRachel, coach ID 128848.

Please note – you may have been invited to this challenge by one of the coaches on my team! Please let me know in an email ( the name of the coach who invited you.  If you’ve been invited by a Team Athena coach, disregard rule 9. If you ARE a Team Athena coach, check in with me please!

To RSVP to this challenge if you’d like to join, please email me at with the subject “90 Days to Sexy”.

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